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Gostilna Vovko is an inn boasting 45 years of family tradition. We mainly focus on the cuisine of the Dolenjska region adding a touch of modernity...

Seasonal, fresh and local

At Vovko, we create simple traditional dishes of Slovenian or Dolenjska cuisine with a touch of modernity. We highly recommend our roast leg of veal. Our cooking abides by the seasons, and we give priority to local suppliers because that is the only way to ensure the quality expected by our guests. We are happy when guests notice the efforts of our chefs, who still cut noodles by hand, prepare štruklji (dumplings), svaljki (potato rolls), etc.

A holiday out in nature

It would make us happy if you decide to at least spend a weekend in Dolenjska or take a longer holiday here. We like to help our visitors with ideas on how to fill your day. We can arrange a tasting at the local wineries (for a minimum of two people), help you rent a bicycle, direct you to local hiking trails, organize stand-up paddle boarding on the river Krka, a visit to a local beekeeper and much more.

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