Where cosiness, tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

At Vovko, we create simple traditional dishes of Slovenian or Dolenjska cuisine with a touch of modernity. We highly recommend our roast leg of veal. Our cooking abides by the seasons, and we give priority to local suppliers because that is the only way to ensure the quality expected by our guests. We are happy when guests notice the efforts of our chefs, who still cut noodles by hand, prepare štruklji (dumplings), svaljki (potato rolls), etc.

Our maxim is "seasonal, fresh, sincere and local".

The menu on the website is for reference only. The offer during your actual stay might differ slightly due to the seasonal nature or the daily menu.


The owner Rok Vovko, a wine lover and a seasoned sommelier, takes care of the selection of wines, and also caters to the devotees of biodynamic wines. He would most like to acquaint you with the wines of Dolenjska produced by the new generation of local winemakers.

The wine list encompasses about 220 brands, including the most renowned winemakers such as:

» Krapež, Santei, Burja, Sutor in Štokelj from Vipavska dolina
» Šumenjak, Verus, Ducal, Urbajs in Protner from Štajerska
» Movia, Ščurek, Simčič, Prinčič from Goriška Brda
» Gravner, Radikon, Podversic, Princic, Zidarich iz zamejske Slovenije
» Gordia in Zaro from Slovenian Istria
» Cvelbar, Kozinc, Šturm, Colnar, Frelih, Slapšak, Kobal, Istenič, Albiana in Šuklje from Dolenjska and Bela krajina.

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